Repo for innholdet og sida til
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baseURL = ''
languageCode = 'en-uk'
title = 'Lær Norsk'
theme = "relearn"
# Change default color scheme with a variant one.
# themeVariant = [ "relearn-light", "relearn-dark", "green", "neon", "red", "learn", "blue", "relearn" ]
# Author of the site, will be used in meta information
author = "Steffen K. Rafdal"
# Description of the site, will be used in meta information
description = "Nettside med artikler om grammatikk for norsk som andrespråk til bruk i undervisning."
# If set to false, load the MathJax module on every page regardless if a MathJax shortcode is present
disableMathJax = true
# If set to true, the menu in the sidebar will be displayed in a collapsible tree view.
collapsibleMenu = true
# If set to false, a Home button will appear below the search bar on the menu.
# It is redirecting to the landing page of the current language if specified. (Default is "/")
disableLandingPageButton = true
# Prefix URL to edit current page. Will display an "Edit" button on top right hand corner of every page.
# Useful to give opportunity to people to create merge request for your doc.
# See the config.toml file from this documentation site to have an example.
editURL = ""
# This controls whether submenus will be expanded (true), or collapsed (false) in the
# menu; if no setting is given, the first menu level is set to false, all others to true;
# this can be overridden in the pages frontmatter
# alwaysopen = true
home = ["HTML", "RSS", "PRINT", "JSON"]
section = ["HTML", "RSS", "PRINT"]
page = ["HTML", "RSS", "PRINT"]
name = "🖋 Vegvisir - Exercises and tests"
url = ""
weight = 5
name = "🍵 Git repo"
url = ""
weight = 10
#name = "<i class='fas fa-fw fa-tags'></i> Tags"
#url = "tags/"
#weight = 40
# activated for this showcase to use HTML and JavaScript; decide on your own needs;
# if in doubt, remove this line
unsafe = true